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S20.20 Preparation Fast-TrackSM

For Facilities Desiring Accelerated ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD Standard Compliance

The SH&A Fast-TrackSM service ESD training package is cost effective and designed for small operations of <50 people requiring

Sample Program

Download our S20.20 Sample Program.

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compliance with, or certification to ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD Standard. SH&A Fast-Track is accelerated and can elevate the client facility to full S20.20 compliance within a few days. SH&A Fast-Track is comprehensive; it provides focused direction, complete documentation and onsite training. Those SH&A clients desiring ESD facility certification have become S20.20 certified on their first registrar audit.

The SH&A Fast-TrackSM ESD training requires the client to provide preliminary information so that the entire program can be completed within 2 days in the client's facility. This unique and highly effective service package includes:

ESD Training Package

  1. Facility inspection, process and operational document review by SH&A Senior Associate(s) to assess the client's ESD control needs

  2. Development of the client's ESD Program, including all S20.20 elements:

    • Meeting Administrative Requirements
      • Documented Plan
      • A Full Training Plan
      • Well defined compliance verification Plan

    • Defining all Technical Requirements
      • Process and Equipment Grounding & Bonding
      • Personnel Grounding
      • Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) Requirements
      • Packaging Requirements
      • Other Client Specialized Requirements
  3. Development and documentation of the client's ESD Training Program
  4. Management & Supervisory Personnel ESD Program Orientation & Detailed Review
  5. ESD Training of onsite Operations Personnel
  6. Followup Preparation & Support for S20.20 certification audit via telephone and email

ESD Training Certification Details

SH&A Fast-TrackSM ESD training certification is intended for highly motivated organizations who seek to meet and exceed industry and customer requirements for ESD Program Control. This exclusive program is based on fixed SH&A fees and limited expenses payable by Visa, Master Card, or American Express credit cards. Contact SH&A for further details.

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