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Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. | Friday, March 28, 2008 Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc.
Thank you for working with us to accommodate the ESD Training for DENSO's new Plant 203.It was a complete success.  I have heard nothing but good about the training, the level of training, Ron's instructions, experience and technique, and the guys really liked going out on the production floor and having concepts demonstrated to them.

Because of the training and the data that Ron provided, DENSO is revising our ESD policy.  Not only at Plant 203, but at Plants 201 and 202 as well. This information will be forwarded to our headquarters for North American Production after it has been revised for incorporation throughout North America.

Thank you for the training and your professionalism.  It has made a big difference here at DENSO.

Travis Black
Curriculum Developer
DMTN Training Center


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